Raoul Maeder: Boulangerie patisserie L’Alsacienne, Paris



“My father helped launch the Retrodor Baguette. We’re Alsacian, so we have solid artisanal roots. The Retrodor is an excellent product.

“It has an ideal balance between its length and its weight; this helps it stay fresh longer.
“It has a taste that the others don’t have! It goes as well with foie gras as with red meat. It’s a product that goes with everything, but it’s a quality product!

“I’ve helped the brand’s reputation with the titles I won in 2002: ‘First Prize, Baguette, City of Paris’ and ‘Official Supplier to the Élysée Palace.’”


Stéphane Van Dermeersch: bakery, Paris



“We wanted to develop the Retrodor as soon as we opened in 1999. At first, we were caught short by the huge customer demand and we couldn’t keep up. Now, we have several bakers and we can respond to the desire for warm baguettes. The Retrodors are sold as soon as they come out of the oven, or within the hour.
“Clients are really pleased by the good taste of this ‘French tradition’ baguette, its lovely color, and its elegant alveolage.
“It sells for a very reasonable price, too, given its hefty weight: it’s definitely heavier than other baguettes.”

Thierry Rose

Thierry Rose: Boulangerie de la Porte de Bizy and La Nouvelle Boulangerie, Vernon



“I was looking for a baguette that I liked, first of all, and then one that my clients would like. I discovered the Retrodor at a colleague’s bakery, and when I set up my own place I called the Minoteries Viron and asked them to send me one of their representatives.

“I sell a thousand Retrodors a day, and what our clients appreciate most in these baguettes is their taste, their crustiness. If they buy Retrodors, it’s because there’s a real difference between them and ordinary baguettes. “At home, when I happen to find myself with an ordinary baguette, it’s just not the same, even though we use the same flour. It’s the way they’re made that makes the difference! I’m not going to stop any time soon, I’m not going to change millers, because I’ve never found anything comparable.”


Michel Galloyer: Le Grenier à Pain



“For me, the baker’s trade is a methodology, and the Retrodor fits perfectly with this methodology as I see it for the bakery. If you follow the recipe carefully, the baguette will always turn out the same: delicious. “The methodology is brilliant, and I learned it thanks to Monsieur Viron, who found it in his old books. “As I see it, the Bread Decree of 1993 would never have been necessary if bakers had been doing a good job!”