RETRODOR is family: a family of millers now in the fifth generation; a family of breads whose flagship product is a lush, crispy baguette; and a family of values rooted in deep respect for the quality of the raw materials, for the virtuoso craftsmanship of artisanal bakers, and for the demanding expectations of consumers. The French word

RETRODOR evokes the return to a golden age, but in a fully modern spirit that reconciles astute innovation with ancestral practice. Hundreds of bakers in France, and elsewhere in the world, have joined the RETRODOR family, the first to propose a "bread of tradition"--a "retro-innovation"-- that fulfilled the criteria later enacted into law.


RETRODOR is a philosophy shaped by the combined intelligence of the hands and the head and anchored in life's most basic, unvarnished elements: earth, water, air and fire. In other words, wheat mixed with air and water, patiently fermented, and brought to fruition as bread by the application of heat, uncorrupted by additives, "improvers" or chemicals of any sort. The RETRODOR vision casts into relief the indispensable (but habitually overlooked) partnership between the farmers who grow the grain with care and vigilance, the millers who judiciously select and blend the varieties best suited to achieve specific sensorial objectives (a bit like wine-makers) and then grind the grain into assorted types of flour, and the bakers whose rigor and talent produce sumptuous loaves laden with a caramelized crust, a fleshy yet silky texture, and a geyser of flavor.


RETRODOR is an on-going project welcoming new collaborators who identify with our passion for bread and our commitment to artisanal methods. In bakery-bistros that they own and operate, with our exceptional flour, our brand-based marketing experience, and our full technical support to set-up, launch and sustain quality production, we want to share a whiff of the "terroir" of the Beauce, the bread-basket of France, where the RETRODOR mill and test-ovens are located, and the enchanting aromas of our rich line of bread, featuring our celebrated baguette.